House Framing in Ann Arbor

Professional House and Roof Framers in Ann Arbor and Surrounding Areas

A well-built frame is essential for any building or construction project. Our construction company provides comprehensive roofing services and house framing in Ann Arbor MI.
We provide roof and home framing for structures and remodeling projects of all sizes. Whether you need to have a new building erected or you want to add to your current structure, quality framing work is extremely important. The frame of your home is vital in keeping the structure safe. For sure and solid framing services, turn to our team to perform accurate work on time and within budget. We specialize in converting your flat roof to a pitch roof, which not only eliminates potential leaks but also gives your home a complete makeover.

The Area’s Trusted Framing Contractor

Build a stronger structure by relying on our house framing contractor. Why choose our team? We not only provide affordable services, but we build everything to the correct specifications. This is very important, because an improperly built frame can cause problems in the future. We never cut corners but always take the time to ensure a superior finished product.

Having provided roofing in Ann Arbor and other construction services for more than 30 years, we know how to erect homes and roof frames that last a lifetime and much longer. Through high winds, severe storms, and the passage of time, our structures remain stable. You can trust us to perform the best framing we can and give you the best possible end result. Whether you want a gable-style roof, a flat roof, or a custom home, we are up to the task. And we always measure up to your expectations too!

Do You Need Custom Framing?

Why settle for a flat wall or a square room? Let us help you get creative. In addition to framing traditional rooms, we are also able to create dynamic visual effects within your space. Rounded walls, arched doorways, and multi-tiered ceilings can add depth to any home. Even though we can be very creative with your design, you can rest assured that we perform our work to code so that it is safely built as well.

From roof frame conversions to new home framing, we are truly experts in the field. Because we are experienced tradesmen, we have the training, skill, and knowledge to build whatever you want – a home addition, a room addition, or a free standing structure. Let us know what you want, and we’ll provide a free estimate and consultation.

Roof Conversations

Are you ready to revitalize your home by getting rid of your flat roof? Depend on our experts. With our state-of-the-art designs and truss and rafter systems, we can easily convert/transform your flat roof into a new design, such as a gable-style roof.

Comprehensive Roof Framing

When you need us for roof repair or replacement, we do much more than lay new shingles. Instead, we take the time to examine the existing structure. By replacing damaged plywood and roof framing, we make sure your new roof is strong, sturdy, and long lasting.

Contact us for more information about our special offers. We proudly serve homeowners throughout Ann Arbor, Michigan, and the surrounding areas.